Evo Collection

There are three ranges available, collectively known as the EVO-COLLECTION™. They are: EVO-RIB™ – A light, yet durable cord, available in 50 popular shades; EVO-VELOUR™ – A thicker more luxurious product, with a velour finish that delivers enhanced appearance and comfort, which is available in 35 colours, and EVO-PALETTE™ – A durable flat-weave carpet in 37 standard colours that emulates the non-textured style of carpet used in continental Europe.

Evo Rib

Evo-Rib is our flag ship range of cord carpet qualities. This versatile, lightweight yet durable cord carpet is available in 58 standard colours.

Evo-Rib is made from 100% polyproylene fibres and is fully recyclable.



Evo Velour

A velour that provides enhanced appearance and comfort. Available in 55 standard colours, it is ideal for stand build, feature areas and larger installations.

Like its counterpart, Evo Rib, it is designed to service high-traffic areas such as aisles and gangways, while still being equally suitable for exhibition stands and feature areas.

Evo Palette

A durable flat weave carpet ideally suited to large area installations. Available in 44 standard colours, it emulates the non-textured style of carpeting across continental Europe.

Evo Palette is available for supply as rolls at 200 square metres per roll. It’s recyclable quality makes it ideal for an exhibition, event or launch.

Evo Junior

Evo-Junior is made from 100% polypropylene fibres and is fully recyclable.

Versatile, lightweight yet durable carpet is the ideal product for the marquee industry.